Package Includes:

The Solvere Online Property and Finance Academy + a Clarity Call


Clarity Calls & Solvere Online Academy

A clear plan of steps to move forward in purchasing my first investment property.

"Ideas that I hadn’t thought of myself, that will save me lots of money and set me up for the purchase of my second investment property also! Helps to rid any doubt you may have, or brainstorm ideas you’re tossing up. Gain clarity on what your plan moving forward is!"

Laura Pavey

It’s reassuring to talk to someone who knows the industry.

“Confirmation on my strategy, a few ways the strategy could play out down the line and helpful tips on scouting for locations. It’s reassuring to talk to someone who knows the industry and it open-minded to people’s different strategies and is also able to provide some insights which the everyday Joe may not have considered.”

Belinda E McIntosh

It gave me clarity around what strategy I should go down.

“I got a greater understanding of my pathway from my first property to my second and what steps I should and shouldn’t take. It gave me clarity around what strategy I should go down and then what action steps I should follow to best get me to my goals”.

Blake McNulty

John put things in a different perspective for me.

“Whilst it was hard to hear at the time, he guided me though to a different opportunity that aligns with my longer term goals. External perspective and professional opinions before you send big $.”

Jess Pearson

My Clarity Call helped me think about my goals, desires & how property fits into that.

"A good roadmap of what I need to do next in terms of my property journey. It’s a very important and daunting decision buying your first property and it’s one that you need to make sure you are clear on!"

Maddison Ashman

One of the most useful & informative sessions!

This has potentially saved me a substantial amount of money and heartache in the future.

Ashley Still

Fabulous Financial Overview with a Property Inclination!

"This course reminded me to start dreaming again and provided the basic knowledge and tools to continue on a financial journey to support my life goals. John has a cool, calm and collected manner. He provides a down to earth perspective mixed with a cheeky humour that made completing the course a breeze."

Rachel Oldfield

In a word - EXCELLENT!

"The Solvere Online Academy really ticks all the boxes. It is fantastic! It is real. You know it works. And I can't get enough! The right amount to empower and motivate."

Kyla Young

This is an excellent program!

"Very clear, accountable and straight forward. I love that the first focus is to align your values and behaviours BEFORE even thinking about the nitty gritty. John is so relatable!"

Rebecca Maxwell

The best move we ever made.

After one Clarity meeting, we walked away with a clear strategy and were given some great insights that will help us get into the market a lot sooner than we expected. The best move we ever made.

Karl Davidson